Leading Ladies – Now On The Small ScreenToo!

In a prior post I commented on a project that I was lucky to be involved in with a client that I had a wonderful time representing: A small, first-time production of a full length feature film that happened to also be a musical.  Leading Ladies had a very successful run on the international festival circuit and has recently achieved the very rare (but also well-deserved) honor of finding distribution.

You can now add Leading Ladies to your Netflix Cue and pre-order a copy of the DVD!

Adding the moving to your cue – by hitting the “Save” button on the Netflix site – costs you nothing but you’ll be helping out talented independant film makers and, when the movie comes out in September, if you want, you’ll get to watch one of the most loved movies of 2010-2011 festival circuit.  To get a preview of what reviewers and critics have said about the movie check this out.


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