Washington Woman Sues RIAA for Attorneys Fees

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“A Washington woman sued by the RIAA has asked the Court to award her attorneys fees, after the record company plaintiffs (Interscope Records, Capitol Records, SONY BMG, Atlantic Recording, BMG Music, and Virgin Records) dropped their case against her after two years of litigation, in Interscope v. Leadbetter. The brief submitted by her attorneys (pdf) pointed out the similarity between Ms. Leadbetter’s case and Capitol v. Foster. In the Leadbetter case, as well as Foster case, the RIAA sued the woman solely because she had paid for an internet access account, and then later in the case attempted to plead ‘secondary liability’ against her without any factual basis for doing so. This tactic had been repudiated by Judge Lee R. West in Capitol v. Foster as ‘marginal’ and ‘untested’ in his initial decision awarding attorneys fees, and in his later decision denying the RIAA’s motion for reconsideration.”

I previously posted on Capitol v. Foster here.

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