N.Y. Coroner Links Death to Ground Zero Toxins

I originally heard this on NPR’s All Things Considered show this afternoon but you can find additional details on CNN and Forbes.

In a reversal, New York City’s medical examiner has officially ruled that a woman’s death was related to toxic fumes released after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Felicia Dunn Jones was working one block away from the World Trade Center on the day the towers were destroyed. She died from a lung-related infection several months later.

Its relevant here because it was Felicia’s probate attorney who originally got curious, did the research and submitted his findings to the Trustee of the 9/11 victim’s fund that eventually did award compensation to the estate.

As a result of the Coroner’s reversal her name will be inscribed on the memorial. Her addition to the list of victims brings the official death toll to 2,750.

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