Follow-Up – Helen Walton’s Will

Fortune Magazine reports here about the potential fate of Helen Walton’s will that I previously posted about.

Helen and her late husband, Wal-Mart founder Sam, always appeared to be heading toward large-scale donations. But when Sam died in 1992, most of his money passed to Helen. And though she increased her giving to an extent, the Waltons remained – as critics have noted – a relatively small force in philanthropy.

That is going to change, and the money will come from Wal-Mart (Charts, Fortune 500) shares. On March 30, according to Wal-Mart’s just-published proxy statement, Helen owned only about $37 million of Wal-Mart shares directly. But the family’s true vault of wealth is a company called Walton Enterprises LLC, which holds about 1.68 billion Wal-Mart shares, worth $82 billion.

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