Another Ohio T&E Blog!

Bradley B. Wrightsel has been a friend and collegue for a number of years and has apparently been posting his own blog (The Ohio Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law Blog) for a few of those years.  And I had no idea!  I’m so embarassed.

Brad and his father Doug Wrightsel have been practicing together for years and run a small firm that does fantastic work for individuals and their families.  Doug is one of the city’s most venerable attorneys.

Brad’s blog is focused (as mine is) on trust and estate planning and probate law in Ohio and is directed towards the consumer and their everyday questions.  He’s had the blog for a while but only recently appeared to really gear up and focus on developing his own style and substance.  Looks to be a great resource as a legal FAQ for the citizens of Ohio.

Thanks Brad.  Keep posting!

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