President Obama’s Budget (selected portions)

First, from Paul Caron of The Tax Prof Blog comes Tax Provisions in Obama’s Budget with some nice charts and a slew of links to similar reports.  This post is a great resource for some expanded reading and general knowledge about the budget.  JLM of the Trust and Wealth Management Marketing blog gives us the same link and some good commentary…  Such as:

What’s more, there are several Carter-esque tax hits proposed for the oil and gas industries. Because we all remember how great the windfall profits tax was at generating new energy sources within the U.S. Oh, wait . . .

The T&E/tax blogo-inter-web is sorely lacking in any appreciable sense of humor so I appreciate JLM’s efforts…  I wish I knew his real name though.  Anyone? JLM?  Beuhler?  Beuhler?

Next is The Tax Lady (aka Roni Deutch) via her Tax Lady Blog who discusses President Obama’s assertion that people will start to see some help by April 1.  Seriously, April 1?  Doesn’t the White House have a PR person on staff?  This is not the date to choose as a target for proposed economic relief resulting from the implementation of liberal tax policies.  Roni runs a great blog though, you should stop by and give it a read every so often…  I do.

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