Eluana Englaro Update

Eluana Englaro, 38, died in the middle of a debate about her right to die last night after doctors stopped feeding her.

It is probably more accurate to say: “after the withdrawal of artificially supplied nutrition and hydration.”  Details.

Italy sounded eerily similar to the US and (gasp!) Florida as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi went to Parliament to push for the passage of a special law to reinsert Ms. Englaro’s feeding tube.  After she passed away during the debate, Prime Minister Berlusconi “accused the country’s president of being partly responsible for [Ms Englaro’s] euthanasia ‘killing.’

There are a number of news articles on the story – I even heard it picked up by NPR yesterday here in Columbus, but you need not waste your time on them…  Instead, spend the time calling an estate planning lawyer and getting yourself a living will and a health care proxy!

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