Why Lex Luthor Should Not Witness Your Will Execution

A few days ago the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog (edited by Professor Gerry W. Beyer posted one of my favorite entries in a long while with an analysis of the will execution seen a the beginning of the last Super Man movie. The blog writes:

The first scene of the movie shows this wealthy woman signing her will which leaves her entire estate to Lex, her husband. In just a few minutes, this scene raises the following will issues:


  • Fraud (Lex claimed he has “reformed” and it is obvious he did not)
  • Undue influence (Lex kept everyone else out of the room when she signed her will and one of her housekeepers was actually an associate of Lex)
  • Assistance in signing the will (the woman dies before she finished signing the will and Lex “helps” her finish her signature)
  • How great is that?!

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