Social Security Administration Backlogs

The Social Security Disability SSI Blog today posts an appropriately incredulous story about SSA workload and the existing back log in cases :

1. By year’s end (fiscal year 2006), 1.3 million disability claimants were still waiting on a decision regarding a disability claim.

2. In the last fiscal year, social security administration staffing levels decreased eight percent. If you’ve read prior posts on this blog, you may recall how many times I’ve mentioned that a significant percentage of social security employees are eligible for retirement…and those that are not face the prospect of going in to work each day to a work environment that is increasingly frustrating and even hostile.

3. Under the white house budget for fiscal year 2008, the disability backlog is expected to grow to 1.4 million cases.

I’ve been hearing talk of this for a while now so its nice to see some numbers (even though I don’t know the source).

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