A Piece of History From James Brown’s (messed up) Estate

I’ve written on Mr. Brown’s troubled estate beforeMark Jakubik brings us the most recent update with news of the recently approved auction of his personal property.

A South Carolina judge on Monday cleared with the way for an auction of James Brown’s possessions to be held later this week, giving fans a chance to bid on more than 300 items that belonged to the late soul singer.

The ruling is the latest in the long-running fight over Brown’s possessions. Some of the singer’s adult children have been at odds with the trustees, claiming money has been mismanaged. And several people – including some claiming to be Brown’s unacknowledged children and at least two women who say they were married to him – have come forward wanting a piece of his estate.

Other items that will be sold to the highest bidder include supplies used to help Brown acquire his neatly cropped, glossy hair style, including 80 hair rollers, picks, combs – even cans and bottles of hair products.

Several of the singer’s signature outfits will also be auctioned, including a blue satin cape with “Thy Name is the Godfather of Soul” in rhinestone, sequin and metallic embellishments.

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