Not T&E Law: Blogger’s Guilt

Having happily emerged from my Catholic sarcophagus a mere 17 years ago, I found this subject intriguing. This post provides the verbose definition of Blogger’s Guilt:

“A fit of guilt, physical discomfort or dysphoria that occurs when one is too busy with an actual social or professional life to properly update one’s livejournal. Particularly prevalent in those who use weblogs as coping mechanisms, artistic or creative outlets or routine social tools. Popular sister terms are “blog guilt” or “livejournal guilt.”

Paul Horwitz of the PrawfsBlog adds the following insights:

My own take on it is that blogging is like exercise: once you get out of the habit, it’s very difficult to get back into it. The common complaint about blogging, most pertinently about blogging by scholars, is that it can be a thoughtless, trivial enterprise. It may thus be appropriate that the key to being a blogging regular is: don’t think too much. Once you start pondering and mulling, by the time you’re ready to blog you’ll either have missed the boat or will become convinced that the enterprise is so trivial that there’s not much point in sharing your thoughts in the first place.

I can really relate to blogging being like exercise… I also usually do feel better after having done it. It remains to be seen whether I’ll have the time in the next few months to avoid a crippling amount of this new-found guilt though some of it is inevitable… Trying to sell my house (which involves remodeling a bathroom), buy another house and change firms all in the same 45 day period (don’t forget billing time in there somewhere) will probably leave only a few hours in the month (if that) to do this, but I promise to try… I say that as much for you as for myself.

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