Abolish The Bluebook? I’m all for it.

From Ilya Somin at The Volokh Conspiracy on May 2, 2008:

Abolish the Bluebook completely, and replace it with a much simpler citation system, such as the University of Chicago’s Maroon Book. It may indeed be an “exciting task” to revise the Bluebook yet again. But I for one would be much more excited to be freed from Bluebook drudgery permanently; so would a great many law students.

How right he is.

I’m sure there’s a great scholarly debate to be had on the the Bluebook’s merits – its long life and entrenched standards throughout the hundreds of thousands of legal opinions published since its inception… You won’t find such discussion here.

I just hated this thing in law school. For all its byzantine and arbitrary rules I just never saw the benefit. Uniformity is arguably the most obvious and, while I agree that a standard form of citations of some kind is necessary, there’s got to be an easier way people!

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