Salvation Army Unit Seeks to Gain More of a Huge Gift (NYT)

This post can also be titled: “The importance of careful drafting of charitable bequests”

The dispute involves a trust created by Mr. Di Stefano, whose late wife, Doris, inherited United Parcel Service stock from her father, a former U.P.S. executive, and never sold it.

Mr. Di Stefano died in July and left his estate to eight charities: Direct Relief International, the Salvation Army, the Santa Barbara Hospice Foundation, the Santa Barbara Visiting Nurse Association, the American Humane Society, the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, Greenpeace International Inc. and the World Wildlife Fund. Each stands to receive roughly $33 million.

Greenpeace International is defunct, however, and a charity called the Greenpeace Fund, with which it shared offices, phones and some employees, is claiming its share.

The New York Times has the story here…

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