A Retraction/Amendment

I very recently blogged here about the case of Fairchild v Fairchild in which a biological mother is arguing that Ohio’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage should invalidate the custody agreement she previously enterered into with her former partner.

I misread one of my sources for the post and wrongly attributed the arguments of counsel for the biological mother as those of attorneys Danny Bank and Laurie McGaughan from Capital University Law School (who were appointed to represent the child). Capital is my Alma Matter so the position Capital takes in this case is interesting to me on more than just a purely legal level. I have edited the offending post to correct my mistake but since many people have visited the site since it was originally posted, I thought a retraction/amendment was necessary to preserve the accuracy of the record-at-large.

In actuality, the article does not specify what Capital’s current position is with regards to the child so I was wrong to chastise Capital. I have requested clarification from one of the attorneys in the case re what Capital’s position actually is and will let you know what she says – I do not have any of the pleadings yet.

Thank you to a very good friend of mine who sensitively pointed out my mistake.

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