“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

Though I wouldn’t bemoan those of you who thought had I had indeed passed beyond the vale… I just had to take a break from the interblog-ing-net-sphere for a while... I also got hit pretty bad by some nasty characters via an exploit in the older version of the WordPress software I was running… But such are the dangers of hosting your own site when you have only a rudimentary knowledge of SQL and PHP scripting. But I’m Back! [insert raucous applause here] yay. I’m only back because I got some amazing help by a great friend of mine. I’d link to Mike D’s site but he’s still in the process of getting it up and making it pretty. But all hail to Mike D anyways! (I’ll get his link up to share as soon as its available.)

I do still need to update my links but I need to bill some time today so I’m afraid that will have to wait.

As for those who took advantage of my former site: Run and hide. I’m coming for you. Run.

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