$10 Million? Nope, still not rich

So what does it take for a comfortable retirement?

Well, according to Yahoo finance:

Yes, it takes more than $10 million to be seen as rich these days. It takes more like $25 million. Not only is that the minimum for the red-carpet treatment at a growing number of banks, it is also, in the view of many experts, the sum needed for a truly cushy retirement, one free of financial worry.

The original article here speaks of the explosion of wealth throughout the world in the last 10 years or so.

The article continues to describe Baron’s interesting “score card” for wealth: Are you rich yet? And if so, how rich?

    1. Beer & Pretzels
    2. Wine & Cheese
    3. Champagne & Caviar

Hmmm… I think the shrinking middle class would disagree but its an interesting (read: quasi-comical take) on the the subject.

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