Charities Lose Out on $8 Million

In this post today, David M. Goldman of the Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog writes: Only five weeks before his death Leonard R. Brener made a change to his will. (I think we can see where this is going.) He decided to change his beneficiaries form four local charities to his niece and her husband who took care of him while he was dying.

Obviously the various non-profits that just lost all that money were more than a little perturbed, and brought suit to set aside Mr. Brener’s will claiming that he lacked capacity at the time the new will was drafted. The case took more than five years but the state appeals court recently ruled that Mr. Brener was mentally competent and his decision to leave the money to his family should stand.

Mr Goldman’s post is appreciated but his comments at the end of the post are where the real value of his post is found:

This lengthy estate battle could have been avoided with the privacy afforded by a Florida Revocable Trust and some explanation within the will as to why the changes were being sought. In addition a Florida Revocable Trust would help to avoid the costs associated with a Florida Probate. If you would like more information on how a Florida Revocable Trust could benefit your or your family, Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer for more information.

Well said David. And thank you.

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