Disability Planning and The Pope

According the CNA here, on February 25, 2008, Pope Benedict reiterated the Church’s opposition to all forms of euthanasia…

The Pope said that death “concludes the experience of earthly life, but through death there opens for each of us, beyond time, the full and definitive life. … For the community of believers, this encounter between the dying person and the Source of Life and Love represents a gift that has a universal value, that enriches the communion of the faithful”.

Why is this relevant here? Because Ohio’s form powers of attorney for health care and our living wills were created in conjunction with the catholic church and were approved by them as not being violative of the church’s consistent position on the sanctity of human life. I’ve only ever had one client bring it up in a meeting but I was happy to be able to tell them that.

If you don’t know where your state’s forms stand in the eyes of the church, but if your concerned about how your POA holder’s decisions may impact your eternal soul, I think its worth asking someone. We’re covered in Ohio though.

Thanks to Neil A Hendershot for this story on his always informative PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog.

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