“Living Trust Mills Update”

The Connecticut Elder Law Blog picked up on Dave Goldman’s post here listing recent Living Trust Scam Articles and resources on his blog. Its a great list that I’m very glad David took the time to put together. David emailed me after I posted here to thank me for linking to his original article on the same subject.

So David kind of started this ball rolling and then wrapped it up nicely with his list… And other estate planning bloggers out there are starting to pick it up…

The Connecticut Elder Law Blog wrote about David’s post here to add his two cents:

[T]here certainly are a lot of people who could benefit greatly from living trusts, specifically if the focus is avoiding the probate process. But I would argue that they are not documents that everyone needs. Perhaps these living trust marketers genuinely believe that living trusts should be as widespread as living wills. But I don’t agree, particularly since trusts are much more expensive than wills and require much more leg-work in regards to re-titling assets into the name of the trust. And I don’t believe in counseling my clients to take on the added expense and hassle if they truly don’t need to do so.

Well said Michael.

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