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I’m not a member of ACTEC yet… I’m far too young. But my dad, who is a member is constantly throwing various ACTEC articles and publications my way – And I’ve been saying this for years:

Amidst all the recent stories of larger firms in larger cities cutting back their T&E and probate practice groups, its nice to see that I’m not completely off track…

According to the December 2007 RDA Legal Communique report by Robert Denney Associates, Inc., Estate Planning & Probate Administration are currently two of the “hot” areas of the law.

The reasons given for cutting T&E and probate practice groups have traditionally been low-margin work that is slipping closer to commodity treatment (something I’ve talked about on this blog before). But it seems a simple matter of no one getting younger that makes demand for what we do more necessary now than ever. With the now rapid passing of the greatest generation and the aging baby-boomers, there has never been a time when so many people needed assistance with passing wealth.

The report proposes that high demand is due to the fact that Baby Boomers are starting to retire.

Other “hot” areas include:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration
  • Labor & Employment
  • Corporate Investigations

Professor Beyer and my dad are competing for attribution on this one.

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