Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Alcohol, and Guardianship

Joel A. Schoenmeyer writes an entertaining post about how to potentially cure/deal with the intransigence/fixed delusions of someone who is causing harm to themselves or others with their ongoing drug abuse.

In Illinois, there’s a solution more concrete than “trying to reach out to an adult child in trouble.” Article XIa of the Illinois Probate Act deals with guardianships for disabled adults, and the definition of “disabled person” (in Section 11a-2) includes “a person 18 years or older who… because of gambling, idleness, debauchery or excessive use of intoxicants or drugs, so spends or wastes his estate as to expose himself or his family to want or suffering.” In other words, someone can petition the court to find a person with drug or alcohol problems to be disabled, and be appointed as that person’s guardian. This could allow the guardian to make decisions about the ward’s finances and health care, among other things.

I’m not a fan of her music but if her poor mother’s statements (I heard on NPR) are any indication, this sounds like good advice.

Thanks Joel!

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