Brooke Astor Update

Kim Dayton, Editor of the Elder Law Prof Blog and Professor of Law at William Mitchell College of Law writes here about Brooke Astor’s “son and one of her former lawyers [being] indicted on criminal charges stemming from the stewardship of her financial affairs and the handling of her will.”

[A]ccording to people who have been briefed on the situation, her son, Anthony D. Marshall, 83, and the lawyer, Francis X. Morrissey Jr., have been told to surrender to authorities on Tuesday morning […]. A Manhattan grand jury has been hearing evidence from witnesses since early last month, following an investigation by the district attorney’s office into the management of Mrs. Astor’s fortune by Mr. Marshall and Mr. Morrissey’s role in the signing of the third amendment to her will. The exact charges against the two men were not known late this afternoon. But in Mr. Marshall’s case, they are probably related to millions of dollars in cash, property and stocks that he obtained over the years in his role as steward of his mother’s finances. As for Mr. Morrissey, the charges are probably tied to the signature on an amendment to Mrs. Astor’s will that was made in March 2004. The possibility of forgery has been raised by a nationally known handwriting expert. The indictment marks the first time criminal charges have been filed in the legal battle surrounding Mrs. Astor’s fortune and well-being.

Full details from the NYT available here.

Thanks Kim!

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