Not Surprising: “Vast majority of parents lack wills”

According to this story by Sharon Jayson at USA Today,

Fewer than one-quarter of parents (23%) have a will.

And its no surprise to me at all. Sometimes, even when I get a client in the door to consider their planning, I can’t get them to make some of the decisions needed to ensure their assets and their children are cared for. I’ve heard colleagues say before that people don’t like to consider their own mortality, but I don’t think that’s it. Rather, I think its that many people don’t like thinking about the usually small number of friends and family members they have that they can really trust; that share their same value/belief system that they would be comfortable giving their children to. It can be disheartening to face the reality that many of your closest friends are such because of convenience and not any deeper underlying shared vision of the world.

[Thanks again Professor for the link.]

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