How To Talk With Mom & Dad About Their Estate Planning

Clark Allison’s most recent post on the Allison Consulting Blog addresses a great question, namely: How does one go about asking one’s parents (or any other family member) about their estate planning (or lack thereof)?

I recently had the great experience of some clients calling to tell me that their two sons wanted going to come in and speak with me about their (my client’s) estate plan. After they came in I told their parents (my clients) how much I really wish that I could do this with all of my clients. I often get my ‘next’ clients from the ones whose plan I just did – which is very flattering – but some people just are not comfortable discussing death and its accordant issues with anyone, even their own family members. Mr. Allison went so far in his post as to suggest some language that one could use in a letter to the family member who seems unwilling to broach this subject.

Well done Clark, and thanks.

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