Same-Sex Marriage in Iowa… Iowa?

For about 4 hours anyways…

As reported here and here, the Iowa District Court for Polk County held in Varnum v. Brien that the Iowa law prohibiting individuals of the same sex from marrying violates “due process and equal protection rights.”

From Professor Berry and the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog:

Same-sex couples flocked to Des Moines to get married. However, most were disappointed because the same judge, Robert B. Hanson, delayed granting licenses until the Iowa Supreme court decides whether to hear an appeal of his opinion.

In the “gap” period, however, one fast-acting couple, Timothy McQuillan and Sean Fritz, were able to obtain a marriage license and successfully get married.

From the NYT:

The chance [for same-sex couples to wed] was fleeting. After four hours, Robert B. Hanson, the same county judge who had deemed the ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional, delayed further granting of licenses until the Iowa Supreme Court decided whether to consider an appeal.

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