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So Many Great Blogs, So Little Time

My Google Reader account is getting pretty full-up.  There’s so many great resources out there for estate planning that it’s getting hard to keep up!  It’s a nice problem to have I guess…

The first new discovery is The Nevada Trust Reporter.  Neil Schoenblum has been working on a this relatively new blog with his colleague, Jason Helquist and Neil reached out to me yesterday.  I was impressed by what I found.  The blog is a Nevada-based commentary on trust law and asset protection.  One of their recent posts contains Neil’s interview with attorney Steve Oshins (a nationally acclaimed estate planning and asset protection attorney at Oshins & Associates, LLC ( regarding Nevada’s recent legislation, SB 405, extending charging order protection to single member LLCs.  Steve was instrumental in the drafting of this part of the bill.  Its a great read and a great start to a new blog I have added to my feed aggregator and will be paying close attention to.

The next site is Legacy-By-Design.  The hyphens matter.  Its a site that aggregates resources for planning advice that is specific to the farmers and agri-business community.  I’ve never worked with them before so I can’t vouch for their work-product but I met an impressive woman today who did so; so that’s something.  I’ll likely be giving them a call soon to ask about some assistance with some of my farm clients that I’m still trying to get some planning done.  I’ll keep you guys updated.

My First Link to Oklahoma

Rod Yancy wrote me today requesting a link exchange to his blog and, after a quick perusal I was happy to oblige.  Rod looks to be doing good work for the good people in Tulsa so I was more than happy to add him as my newest link and my first from Oklahoma.  So if you’re in the area and looking for an estate planner, give Rod a call.

Keep up the great work Rod, and a happy new year to you.

Another Ohio T&E Blog!

Bradley B. Wrightsel has been a friend and collegue for a number of years and has apparently been posting his own blog (The Ohio Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law Blog) for a few of those years.  And I had no idea!  I’m so embarassed.

Brad and his father Doug Wrightsel have been practicing together for years and run a small firm that does fantastic work for individuals and their families.  Doug is one of the city’s most venerable attorneys.

Brad’s blog is focused (as mine is) on trust and estate planning and probate law in Ohio and is directed towards the consumer and their everyday questions.  He’s had the blog for a while but only recently appeared to really gear up and focus on developing his own style and substance.  Looks to be a great resource as a legal FAQ for the citizens of Ohio.

Thanks Brad.  Keep posting!

President Obama’s Budget (selected portions)

First, from Paul Caron of The Tax Prof Blog comes Tax Provisions in Obama’s Budget with some nice charts and a slew of links to similar reports.  This post is a great resource for some expanded reading and general knowledge about the budget.  JLM of the Trust and Wealth Management Marketing blog gives us the same link and some good commentary…  Such as:

What’s more, there are several Carter-esque tax hits proposed for the oil and gas industries. Because we all remember how great the windfall profits tax was at generating new energy sources within the U.S. Oh, wait . . .

The T&E/tax blogo-inter-web is sorely lacking in any appreciable sense of humor so I appreciate JLM’s efforts…  I wish I knew his real name though.  Anyone? JLM?  Beuhler?  Beuhler?

Next is The Tax Lady (aka Roni Deutch) via her Tax Lady Blog who discusses President Obama’s assertion that people will start to see some help by April 1.  Seriously, April 1?  Doesn’t the White House have a PR person on staff?  This is not the date to choose as a target for proposed economic relief resulting from the implementation of liberal tax policies.  Roni runs a great blog though, you should stop by and give it a read every so often…  I do.

Substance & Forum

Substance & Forum is a new website for publishing and accessing free articles authored by prominent tax and estate planning professionals offered to ACTEC Fellows and attorneys listed as the best in the country. Both groups are welcome to publish new or previously published articles on the public home page and use private sections of the site.

It appears new (I just heard of it) and there isn’t much up there yet but in time I’m sure this will become one of my more frequently visited sites.